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2018-01-14 12:31

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In case you missed it: Trump is really paying big dividends for Putin including allowing him to now dominate the Middle East and install pro-Russian Totalitarian governments.

Why is Trump doing everything he can to help Russia’s standing in the world and hurt the US.

#PartyofTraitors #FOXTraitorNewsNetwork
#GreatDepression II



“Accessory to High Treason” cool terms to know:

1. Cambridge Analytica- gave Russians specific machines and locations for max damage by software that changes voting results; it was given money by PACs of EVERY Republican in Congress. If they’re not guilty then why did they just “decide” to avoid doing business in US anymore after “helping” Republicans steal the election?




2. Voting Election Commission- Agency that typically monitors elections to prevent fraud including Voting machine hacking; if Republicans aren’t hacking machines, then why did they first drain the Commission of most of its budget and, and the have House Republicans vote to eliminate it?


3. Reality Leigh Winner- National Hero who sits in prison, without lawyer or court date, for showing America the NSA documents proving Russia hacked our voting machines. If the NSA documents aren’t true, then why is she sitting in prison?!?! If they are true, then why is Donald Trump still president?





4. Navigator- Putins Energy/Oil company that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has >$100,000,000 in and gains massively from new Billionaire Tax Giveaway. Why did the Panama Papers show financial payoffs and money laundering by Trump and minions to the Russian mob and affiliates?


5. James Clapper- America’s longest serving National Intelligence Director just congratulated Putin on how well he’s handled his “asset” Trump. Why would the most respected intelligence officer in American History call Trump “Putin’s Asset”, if it weren’t the ABSOLUTE Truth?

6. Obama Economy- December 2017, the last month of the Obama era budgets comes to a close this month as 95% of government expenditures are passed the prior year before year’s end. Now that the Obama economy is coming to a close, and the Republicans look to give our country’s earnings to the billionaire class, how long before The Next Great Depression begins?

7. Trey Gowdy- Republican Congressman obstructing and smearing Mueller’s case for the Russian Republican Party because he himself was part of the attack on the US. Why does his Super PAC fund Cambridge Analytica the company behind hacks for Russia if he isn’t involved?

8. Tax Scam Bill - Republicans passed a tax bill that will RAISE taxes on rich, middle class, and poor by $9.5 trillion in order to give away $5.5 trillion to the Billionaire Class. Why do Republicans want to cause a Great Depression just to give money to Corporations and estates over $5 million?
Tax Bill explanation :()
(Currently, Republicans are marketing a $1.5 Trillion increase in debt by giving away $5.5 Trillion to the billionaire class by not taxing corporations and eliminating taxes on estates worth MORE than $5 million.
At the same time, they’re eliminating $4 trillion in current tax deductions to rich, middle class, and poor.

9. Kansas Tax Cut - Kansas passed the exact same tax cuts for businesses and they ended up with LESS investment into economy then before the cuts. Instead, those cuts were reassigned as “profits”.
Why would Republicans do a 5.5 trillion dollar cut for billionaire class AND pay for it by removing $4 Trillion in deductions to rich, middle, and poor?
But wait there is even more cool additions to this tax bill like:

1. $5.5 trillion tax hike on home owners by states to recoup lost federal block grants
2. No taxes on estates bigger than $5 million
3. No more cancer treatment for citizens who have Medicare
4. Thousands of more tax loopholes for money-laundering companies like Trump’s Russian Affiliates
5. Death pill to Obamacare to destabilize health insurance markets
6. You can write off your private jets but teachers can no longer write off school supplies
7. Graduate level education gets loan availability slashed to pieces
8. Very likely Great Depression II


10. Net Neutrality- Revoked Dec 2017 at the direct request of Russian hackers in one of the most apparent Russian guided acts orchestrated by Mitch McConnell’s Republican Traitor Regime. Why would the FCC Chair who was recommended by Mitch McConnell want to attack the US at the direct request of Russian hackers?


Link to Russian hacker evidence here:

11. Dallas Morning News- First published the vast money connections from the Russian Republican Party to Putin and the money laundering companies he controls. Why are Republicans taking $7,000,000+ from Putin in order to leave money laundering avenues that funnel $billions back to Putin from drugs and sex workers in the US?


12. 68%- 68% of white women in Alabama voted for Roy Moore demonstrating that they have no appreciation for their right to Vote as Moore frequently stated women and African American’s right to vote were some of the biggest problems in our country. Why would white Alabama women have no appreciation for their right to vote and have no appreciation for their daughters as Moore was a known child molestor?


13. Daphne Galizia- a car bomb was used by assassins to eliminate the Daphne whom was the leaker that exposed Donald Trump and 13 of his regime as Russian drug Cartel money launderers. If she exposed just one island and one building of Trumps and found $100,000,000 + of dirty Trump Republican money, how much is the total throughout all the countries with dirty Trump money?


For more info on Trumps connection and Wilbur Ross:


14. “Privileged”- Donald Jr testified before Congress(privately) that what he told his father (via cell phone) was “privileged” so that he wouldn’t have to admit on the record that he and his father are Russian Traitors, supposedly bc there was a lawyer around. Why are Republicans in Congress so eager to allow this, so if we have a random lawyer around all the time we can never be forced to testify for anything ever b/c there’s a lawyer in the room? So then nobody ever has to testify in a court room again b/c there are lawyers in the room ?


15. Voter Fraud Panel- Trumps Voter Fraud Panel collects data to make it easier for hackers to change voter tallies on the Sequoia Voting Machines using Cambridge Analytica as they did in 2016 election. Why do the Trump Republicans want to insure that Russian hackers have accurate data and as many of our social security numbers as they can get their hands on?


How he hacked the election. #RussianPresidentoftheUS

16. Panama Papers- the Panama Papers (leak of offshore money laundering docs) exposed Trump to be the Russian mob’s asset of choice. With Putin’s hands firmly around America’s balls, why wouldn’t he squeeze out a little tax reform that kicks back thousands of loopholes that allow him to launder Trillions out of the US economy with a big fat Republican stamp on top of it?


17. Papadopalous- Flynn confirmed that Republicans sent Papadopalous to Russia to conspire to remove Sanctions worth 5x Russia’s yearly earnings in order to get them to hack the Seqoia Voting Machines and use Russian military as Trolls on Facebook and Twitter. Why then did Republicans in the House of Reps of Congress not take a vote on Russian Sanctions, is Paul Ryan involved as well?!?!

Flynn Said Russian Sanctions Would be ‘Ripped Up,’ Whistle-Blower Says https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/06/us/politics/michael-flynn-russia-sanctions-ripped-up-whistleblower.html

18. Diversity- Trump banned “diversity” from the US government. You can no longer even use the word. How much more Arian Race Neo-Nazi Traitor do you get?


19. L. General Flynn- Michael Flynn pled guilty of federal crime and will testify that Trump told him to contact Russian officials to make a deal to remove the sanctions costing Russia Trillions$$$ for invading Ukraine who wanted to join the European Union! With Trump a confirmed Manchurian candidate, this makes one wonder how many Russiablican Party minions are in the House of Representatives as Paul Ryan is refusing to have a vote on the current Russian sanctions bill?


20. Russian Republican Campaign Finance- In 2010, the Republican Supreme Court allowed money laundering companies like Trump /Manafort/Russia’s Global Endeaver Inc. to give money to candidates without showing ID or tax form. If an American citizen wants to donate money they have to show ID and SS for tax forms, why do Republicans want the Russians to be able to donate without any ID, SS, or Tax forms?



21. Devin Núñez- House Intelligence Committee Chairman whom protects Russian money launderers every chance he gets. Why is he actively protecting Russian money laundering rings by “saying” he recused himself but continuing to sit on Committee to block 99% of all Subpoenas on Russian bank accts for drug and sex trafficking?


22. Wilbur Ross-The “Paradise Papers” exposed some of the $31 Trillion Republicans and the billionaire class have stolen and stored overseas avoiding taxation. Among them, $176,000,000 was found of Dep. of Commerce’s Wilbur Ross had invested in Putin’s state energy giant “Navigator”. Why did Republican Wilbur Ross report no money held in Navigator to Congress and less than $10 million in all foreign Holdings when him and his buddies have over $176,000,000 in Putin’s company alone?


23. FOXTraitorNews- FoxTraitorNews has recently begun providing cover to its Russian serving affiliates (Trump and minions) by joining with the Kremlin in trying to discredit the FBI and support Russia’s efforts to take over our democracy. Why would any American watch this treasonous garbage that just announced it will now include the label “for entertainment purposes only” on its show for fear that it will continue to be sued for the Fake News it disperses daily?


24. Ralph Shortey- Another of Trump’s campaign manager plead guilty to federal crimes of child sex trafficking. When will people realize that when we say Trump works for the Russian mob money laundering for drug and child sex trafficking rings we mean exactly that ?


25. Betsy Devos- Trump hired Student Loan collector Betsy Devos in order to privatize schools allowing for maximum money laundering dollars. Why do Republicans want to steal our public school money. They aren’t happy with the 9.5 Trillion they just stole in the Tax Scam?


26. Trump Rapes 13 and 12 year old- Deposition of lady paid to watch as Trump raped 13 and 12 year old girls. All victims were under oath and are subject to perjury charges. Where is the special prosecutor for this?

Here is the actual federal document that makes them subject to perjury if they were lying. Donald Trump has filed zero charges against them b/c every word is true.

Here’s narrated form: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1838629286230117&id=346937065399354&ref=content_filter

27. Tax Cut Designed for Billionaire money launderers- Foreign money laundering “companies” set to double profits under new tax plan. Is this how Trump will pay back Putin, by having the average American household pay the taxes for all his money laundering operations?



28. Jeff Sessions Slander Campaign- Ethics committee just sued DOJ as Sessions selectively released a few texts to slander Meuller and the FBI. Why does Sessions want to slander the FBI (which he controls) unless he is protecting himself from Treason charges?


Add info: Many texts talked poorly of high level democrats including Hillary Clinton but he illegally released ones that made offhand comments against Trump in order to muddy the FBI’s name.

29. Protecting Putin’s Money- Trump repeatedly removed individual holds on Putin’s personal money which he keeps in accounts of trusted surrogates. Why is Trump going and giving Putin access to billions of dollars if he didn’t hack the election for him?


30.Lindsey Graham paid by Putin- Sen Lindsey Graham took money Putin ordered surrogate to give him, and is now smearing the Mueller investigation to hide his guilt.
If you follow the money trail, Sen Graham took millions from Putin (that we know of) and is part of the traitor infestation. Why else would he be defending traitors and smearing patriots like Mueller?



31. Billionaires ban Bannon- Bannon is out of Bieber Bullshit News. This swift action by the billionaire puppet masters against those within their ranks who speak out against treason is how you end up with the Traitor Shit that is today’s Republican Party. Why are the billionaire puppet masters so swift to eliminate dissenters?


32. Ivanka Trump Jewelry- Ivanka Trump started a jewelry line to launder $100 million for Iranian Oil and Russian drug&child sex trafficking wings hidden in phony diamond deals.

If Trump’s not a traitor working for the Russian mob&Iranian affiliates, why is it that everything with Trump’s name in it works for Russia/Iran laundering millions for Iranian oil, drug, and child sex trafficking rings? Where is the special prosecutor?







Actual Subpoena:
Ivanka Trump: Madison Avenue Diamonds dba.

33. Trump tower- A beacon for Russian money laundering and treason. Why did Russia funnel $230 million through Trump Tower (that we know of after a single investigation) and keep servers in direct communication to alpha bank (bank of Putin).



Evidence to Russian communication servers in Trump tower:



34. Alpha Bank- aka Putin’s Bank had directly adapted server communication to modified servers in Trump Tower. If Trump was directly exchanging messages with Russians, why isn’t there a special investigation for this and what were he and Putin talking about before the election ?

Evidence to Russian communication servers in Trump tower:



35. Virginia Stolen Delegate Seat- In Virginia state delegate race, a Democrat won the vote recount by 1 vote but Republicans didn’t certify the results. Instead, they overturned a mis-marked ballot for the Republicans (100s of the same ballot mismark for Democrat were thrown out) but 3 judge panel one of which was paid by the Republican on the ticket counted an obvious fraudulent ballot ! Why wasn’t the person who allowed the clearly fraudulent vote as those votes can’t be counted by machine in that manner prosecuted for Voter fraud, and how do they justify giving this seat to a Republican ?


Evidence that judge was clearly biased:

36. Paul Ryan knew Putin Paid Trump- Paul Ryan swore Republicans to secrecy demanding “no leaks” like a Russian Mafia Family after leader reported that Putin pays Trump, then swore to all that it was true. (Verified by recording)Why did Republicans know in 2016 and actively support Putin’s Trump in every way despite the fact he’s owned, even worse why did Paul Ryan tell them not to “leak it” and “swear them to secrecy” like a Russian Mafia Family?



37. Manafort emailed he knew which states Trump would win BEFORE elections- In 2014, Manafort was "Manager" who put Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych in power for Putin by rigging election machines. In 2016, Manafort was "Manager" of Trump campaign where we just read his exposed emails telling Trump’s people that he would win Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida and must go campaign in (Michigan and Pennsylvania) so as to "explain" victories in places that hadn't voted Republican in 24 years. Those states also have a disproportionate amount of the hackable voting machines that Manafort could rig for Putin. When Putin needed to order Trump, would he just call his Best Weapon Manafort and tell him to hand Trump the phone?


38. Montana Republican Leader Drug Ring- A former Republican Majority Leader of Montana was just convicted of running massive drug ring. Is every Republican in our government somehow involved in drug rings, money laundering, or child sex trafficking?



39. Trump gives Syria to Russia- Trump is really paying big dividends for Putin including allowing him to now dominate the Middle East and install pro-Russian Totalitarian governments. Why is Trump doing everything he can to help Russia’s standing in the world and hurt the US.



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